About This Project

Emerging Vision | Group Exhibition 

Artist: Fiona Yujie Zhao, Ran Zhou, Kangi Connie Wang

Reception: Thursday, May 31st, 2018. 6 PM – 8 PM

On View: May 31st  – July 15th, 2018

Gallery Hours: Thurs – Sat 11 AM – 5 PM. And by Appointment

Location: 102 – 1688 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC Canada V6J 1G1

Contacts: [email protected]


Z Gallery Arts is pleased to present a group exhibition, “Emerging Vision,” which runs from May 31st to July 15th, 2018. Featuring three artists: Ran Zhou, Connie Kangi Wang, and Fiona Yujie Zhao, the exhibition also aims to explore conceptual art and to support intellectual emerging female artists based in Vancouver. With multi-culture educational background and experiences, they are profoundly influenced by the cultural differences between Eastern and Western aesthetics philosophy.


With an extremely unique vision to render self-identification under cultural integration, the exhibition overcomes the stereotype and all kinds of cliché about an artist under the influence of multiculturalism, achieving from art to self-realization. In modern society, globalization and social media provide service as a platform to provide more accessible and faster information to the community. Howeverthe side effect is that this led to the loss of cultural characters and unique personalities. Artists who have lived in different countries, especially those promote multiculturalism, would struggle because of the cultural difference. Therefore, practicing art becomes a journey to review one’s self and reflect the society.


Artists divides the process of creation into two steps. One must question and doubt the cultural differences between societies and individuals. Then one must turn those questions and doubts into images. We are considering human beings as an organic unity. Arts, as a product of humanity, is not only about reverie thinking in images but also connects to logical thinking. Moreover, it should be tight with the truest emotion control; it’s restructuring from complicated impression and memory.


The exhibition will feature artworks of Ran Zhou, Connie Kangi Wang, and Fiona Yuejie Zhao, on a theme to discuss individualism, to reflect time and memories and to capture the debris of culture. Therefore, the exhibition excavates the function of painting under the market of new media and contemporary arts, showing that traditional arts still occupies a vital place to promote aesthetic development, and demonstrates the limitless potential of female artists in a multicultural society.


“Emerging Vision” is a reflection about our generation under globalization and multiculturalism. Z Gallery Arts hopes to create a platform to the public, which can discover people’s inner world. Then to explore the distinction between individuals, and to demonstrate how emerging artists have stepped out of their comfort zone over the border of the cultural.


Rasine Hou


Z Gallery Arts于⼆零⼀⼋年五⽉三⼗⼀⽇⾄七⽉⼗五⽇荣幸呈现青年艺术家群展“Emerging Vision”。 展览最初旨于发掘温哥华新锐⼥性艺术家, 选定三位拥有不同教育背景的艺术家为观众展现⽂化碰撞之后衍⽣的美学。




艺术家将⽂艺创作的过程简单分成两个部分,⼀是漫长⽽艰⾟的酝酿过程,在这个过程中他们向不同的⽂化和个体特征发出质疑;⼆是将这些质疑转化为图像。我们将⼈类看做⼀个有机的个体, 艺术作为⼈类的产物不仅仅是关于视觉和想象,更关乎于逻辑和意识形态,以及对于真实感情的⽀配。把复杂的印象和记忆进⾏重组并且到视觉升华。


此次群展选出三位艺术家王康妮,周然,赵钰颉的作品,引发观众对于个人主义的探讨;对于时间和记忆的回顾;以及历史进程对人产生的影响。从而证实在当代艺术市场被新媒体艺术支配的今天,传统艺术在引起公众思考和推动美学发展的过程中依旧占有非常重要的地位,展示新锐艺术家在文化多元化这个大环境下的无限潜能。Z Gallery Arts竭尽所能为新锐艺术家和观众创造一个平台,展示艺术家如何跨越文化舒适圈,驾驭视觉和感官叩击观众的内心世界。


作者 侯园清