Ex-Cathedra | Natalia Trivino | Nov 24, 2016


Artist Reception: Thursday, Nov 24, 2016 6PM – 9PM
On View: Nov 24, 2016 – Jan 24, 2017

Ex-Cathedra: Irrefutable authority | Natalia Trivino


The idea of power and control has always been present in Natalia Trivino’s creative process. She started developing the idea of Ex cathedra, which comes from the Latin phrase ex-cathedra, literally meaning “from the chair”. The chair referred metaphorically to an infallible, irrefutable position of authority allowing no space for questioning.

Natalia Trivino works and lives in Rome, Italy now. She grew up in Colombia and spent most of her life in Bogota. In 2008, Natalia participated in “Amnesia to Memory” organized by the United Nation Development Program and in 2011 she exhibited at the Modern Art Museum of Bogota. In 2012 her work was shown at the VII International Bogota Art Biennial and also in Ecuador at the Municipal Museum of Guayaquil same year. In 2014-2015, Natalia did her residency in London at the Florence Trust London, United Kingdom. In 2013, she participated in the group exhibition ¨Stations of the Cross” in Perth, Australia.

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